5 Tips Fresh Graduates Must Adopt When Applying for Fresher Jobs

Job Website - Career Builder IndiaAs a fresh graduate, you might be desperately applying for jobs endlessly. However, with no communication or updates regarding your job application leads to disappointment. Have you ever given it a thought, what’s wrong in your approach as a consequence of which you are unable to even get a call for an interview?

Hiring managers and recruiters judge you from the first contact that you establish with them. Hence, making your first impression a long lasting one is the key here. Moreover, there are certain practices that a fresher can incorporate into his or her fresher jobs search. So here are certain tips that will definitely yield positive results in no time provided you deploy them when applying for fresher jobs, in the right manner.

1. Not Developing A Professional Network

Seasoned professional rely on the power of networking, over the years they develop a network of professionals which is of considerable help when seeking a job change. As a fresh graduate, you can develop your own network using social media platforms, professional networking sites and most importantly your Alumni association. Get in touch with your school and college batch mates or seniors, who are working. This might help you getting referred by someone in your network, and recruiters consider referrals before they consider walk-ins or online job applicants. So start curating your own professional network as it will help you, in the long run, not only in your fresher jobs search.

2. Extra Reliance on the Internet

Job search is not confined to the Internet, there are several methods or mediums to find fresher jobs. Search for companies who are conducting walk-ins, find out if there is any job fair scheduled in your area, look for human resources consultants. Also, applying for a fresher job on the internet might make your resume disappear with thousands of other resumes. Job sites are a great tool to find jobs, however, networking your way into the company and making connections shall give you an upper hand.

3. Not Customizing Resumes

One of the most common mistakes that fresh graduates make, they send resumes with general information like courses, internships, educational qualifications et cetera. A resume is a tool which markets you, make use of this tool to make a statement about your objectives or career goals and what you bring to the table. Recruiters are more interested in knowing about your passions, thought- process and how can you add value. Make use of a resume as a marketing tool rather than making it appear like your autobiography.

4. Setting Expectations too High

It’s correct that everyone works to make money and generally a fresh graduate sets his expectations too high, in terms of the earning potential. Being your first job, your strategy must involve finding a position where you can learn as much as you can rather than to make money. 5. Not Following Up

5. Not Following Up

Once you send your resume and wait for your phone to ring, then you are illusioned. Don’t expect your resume to be discovered in the big dump of resumes that a recruiter receives in their mailbox. Stay in touch with the recruiter from time to time, do not over do it as recruiters are generally dealing with a high volume of work and might not find time to respond to each one of them. Get in touch with recruiters over a phone call or mail, during lunch hours or pre-noon as that is the only time of the day when they will find time to answer your call or respond to your e-mail.

So these are the set of tips that will help you steer your job search in the right direction, which was earlier a mammoth task to overcome. These are the tips that will help your resume not end up in the dump, leading to an interview call which might turn into a successful offer, which is extremely based on how you perform in the interview.

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