Steps to Begin Your Career as a Research Analyst

You are keen on working with a financial form and the job listing that you came across is that of Research Analyst. It might seem the best option to you, but do you know what you need to do to secure job in the field. For this purpose you need to know the basics of getting started.

First thing that you need to understand is that being a research analyst requires relevant skills, industry know-how and other integral stuff. If you know how to proceed ahead then it would be easy for you to get a job. Let us begin the journey step ­by ­step.

Research Analyst - Career Builder IndiaSeeking a Mentor

When you are new to a field the first thing that you should do is find a mentor. Look for an experienced person in the related field to help you with understanding all about it. There are numerous online forums and platform that are created for knowledge sharing that will help you find one. CFA has numerous societies that are founded by individuals and professionals who are willing to guide a newbie. At the beginning you might find it overwhelming, the amount of knowledge and experience these individuals have is far grater. You will not only learn to interact in a smooth manner, but you will learn to face your fear of interview as well.

Knowledge Building

Another tip that is best suited to your professional need is to read. Become a voracious reader who spends time in reading investment texts, Economic Times, mergers, acquisitions and other such stuff. Understand how the given news or information is creating a big impact upon the economy. Another way to go is to read an academic paper or a book on a given topic to have a better understanding about it.


You need to proceed ahead with the skills you have along with your field of interest before approaching a job opportunity. For example, you are a great thinker, that translates to becoming a good trader. If you are good with numbers then you can go for a research analyst job that requires number crunching. This way, you need to first have a self­realization about what you have and then look for what is available. Introspection is the way to go ahead with sharpening your existing skills, learning something new and harnessing it all into landing a good opportunity.

What is analysis all about?

Most analysts are often under the impression that it is based on facts, maths, models and analysis. As a good candidate, you need to think in a balanced proportion. This would involve creative and analytic thinking. You will need to engage in activities that will help you enhance your creative thinking process. As an analyst you will need to be able to synthesize information and see things with a different perception.

On a closing note, the entire process that you have undertaken for preparing/seeking research analyst job is worth the time and efforts. Remember you might not get immediate results as it requires time and patience on your part.