Remedial Solutions for the Challenges that Come Along with HR Jobs

Human resources management, might sound like a cake walk for those who are people’s person. However, it is not easy as it may sound to be. There are certain challenges that an HR personnel has to face, making it a rough sail at times.

Considering the challenges faced by a professional when they pursue HR jobs, I have crafted this article to help you over come those challenges easily and make it a smooth sail throughout the life-time of your career.

1. Managing Workforce Diversity

Managing a diverse workforce is a key component to reach organizational goals. A diverse pool of talent brings to an oganization innovativeness, creativity and new perspectives to their tasks along with a seasoned workforce, that bring with itself, years of experience and expertise. With a mix of diversified talents from different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, religious beliefs and socio-economic status, makes a business become responsive towards business prospects more efficiently and effectively. Hence, an HR professional needs to propagate the practice of being open, flexible and imbibe a sense of equal opportunity among the organization’s employees.

Managing Diversity

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This can be done by involving the employees to devise and implement diversity initiatives in the organization. Promoting diversity at the leadership level makes diversity visible in an organization. To further devise the diversity initiative engagement with the employees, by conducting a survey on employee satisfaction is of high importance.

2. Talent Acquisition

This is one of the major pitfalls in HR jobs. As per a recent survey HR managers have encountered major road blocks when it comes to sourcing talent or human resource. Talent acquisition is the task of finding skilled and proficient resources who can add value to an organization. HR managers search for talent through various sources.

The estimation of business losses due to hiring inefficient resources has been reported to be is 1/3 of the total loss. For every open position in an organization they cost incurred is INR 60,000. As for hiring a new resource an organization has to pay 1.5 to 3 times the salary of the resource. Hence, causing major loss to the business goals.

Image Source: Linkedin

Image Source: Linkedin

The remedy here is to search for candidates through professional networking sites, employee referrals and talent management tools. Hiring through any of these channels will allow you to judge a candidate on the basis of his or her social standings, employee referrals would help you take feedback from the employee about the referral even before interviewing them. Talent management tools shall help you discover potential employees with a strong record of performance.

3. High Attrition Rate

High Attrition Rate

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This is one of the major concerns of an organization not only of an HR professional. High attrition rate means that employees are not satisfied with an organization and make a move to another organization for better prospects. The high rate of employee attrition makes a business go through mammoth losses, both in terms of, hiring costs and revenue. The solution here is to create more programs that increase employee engagement, rewards and recognition play a major role in keeping employees motivated and driven towards achieving bigger goals and add more value to an organization.

Knowing the major challenges faced by an HR professional would have made you ready to apply for HR jobs, without giving it a second thought. Exercising all these remedial solutions throughout your career help you with a reputation of being an efficient and skilled HR professional.