OJT is Good News for SAP Newcomers

OJT - SAP Training

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SAP is a great career option in software innovation and designing. However, with changing scenarios it becomes difficult to land SAP jobs. For this reasons freshers are often overlooked and experienced professionals are preferred when it comes to selecting a candidate. This does not means that as a fresher you do not have any chances, in fact more and more companies are willing to adopt to the idea of OJT or on the job training for SAP. Let us have a look at the reasons why.

Learning never ends, especially for those who are into the field of software and IT. Many big names in the IT sector are coming to realize the fact and offer OJT for the purpose of enhancing skills and imparting SAP training to those who are on entry-level. It is all about the job essentials that comes after the formal education.

The instruction methods and the job requirements are vast in the field of SAP that helps in improving employee productivity as well as making them efficient at their work place. Implementation of systems, skills, software, methodologies involved are essentials for an employee on-board. OJT is all about empowering the employee with the relative tools, familiarizing with the company specific technology and help them work efficiently.

OJT not only comprise of manual training with hands-on sessions for the employees, but it comprise eLearning modules too. Let us have a look at both the aspects as revealed by two different companies that took surveys related to OJT.

Manual training and eLearning within OJT

According to recent surveys conducted by ON24 (global leader in webcasting) and Michael Management or MMC (SAP eLearning company) have interesting revelations regarding training. The results of the survey comprise of manual training sessions and eLearning sessions. Let us first have a look at what the MMC results reveal.

Following results reflect the importance of OJT:

  1. 44.1% MMC respondents preferred eLearning
  2. 43% complained about insufficient training that hampered their job responsibilities
  3. All the respondents agreed that receiving 41 hours of training is essential to perform better

According to the survey conducted by ON24 the following results came to light:

SAP Training - Survey Conducted by ON24

  1. 55% entry level respondents require skills and training related to SAP jobs
  2. 49% respondents received industry specific training that enhanced their SAP abilities and helped them to perform better
  3. 56% of respondents agreed to eLearning as it provides them the advantage to learn things at their own pace and access it at their own convenience

Benefits for SAP newcomers

  1. The OJT enables in acquiring company specific knowledge on utilizing of the tools and functions
  2. You need not pay extra for learning as it is a part of OJT
  3. For an entry-level employee it becomes easy to cope up with work

In conclusion OJT helps to maintain data quality and for this reason training, manual sessions, eLearning are viable concepts that companies are willing to embrace, this is sure a good news to SAP freshers.

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