Know How SAP Professionals are Training Themselves in the Year of 2015

This article has been crafted with the findings from the study conducted by Micheal Management Corporation, as a reference. The study was conducted in 78 countries with 1430 participants, who’s responses were collected to derive insights on various aspects of SAP professionals, SAP jobs and how much efforts a SAP professional is investing to up-skill himself or herself.

Here are the findings, that were developed after the survey was conducted:

Share of SAP users

50% of the respondents, were the professionals who work with SAP on a regular basis, these respondents, included; SAP End Users, Key Users, Business Analysts, Systems Administrators and IT analysts. SAP End users had the maximum share, whereas, top management professionals, such as Directors, Chairmans and Vice Presidents, had a considerable share of 5% in the survey. SAP Business Analysts and SAP consultants, had the largest share after SAP end users.

Mode of Training

To know, how SAP professionals are trained and upgrading their knowledge base, the survey had the findings, that:

  1. 57% of the SAP professionals relied on self-learning, by making use of eLearning mediums.
  2. 34.4% of the respondents preferred classroom training over any other medium.
  3. 13.8% relied on virtual classrooms or instructor-led sessions.
  4. 7.8% of the professionals prefer self-learning, with the help of books and other offline mediums.

Training Mediums Used in the Last 12 Months

To further know, what mediums did SAP  professionals used for refreshing their knowledge base, the survey reported, that:

SAP training in the last 12 months

  1. 32% of the respondents opted for eLearning modules
  2. 26.5%  received no training at all
  3. 16.8% refreshed their knowledge with Offline mediums, which include; books and manuals
  4. 15.3% of the professionals went for live classroom training
  5. 9.4% Virtual Classrooms 

Number of Hours Invested in SAP training in the Last 12 Months 

SAP Training Survey 2015

SAP AG also keeps updating the module continuously like any other software. 34.1% of the respondents said they have received no training at all in the last 12 months, whereas, 23.1% have said that they have attending training sessions, not beyond ten hours.

How Many Hours of Training Is Required Which Would Make them More Efficient

MMC 2015 SAP Training Survey

This turned out to be an eye opener, 9 out of 10 participants said that they should receive 1 -10 hours of SAP training, whereas, 30.7% said that they would invest more than 41+ hours in training themselves. 12.4% of the participants said that they have attended training sessions, which has made them capable to perform their job. 

Did the Training Made You More Efficient In Your Daily Job

Even after training and re-training themselves, 4 out of 10 SAP professionals reported that they are not confident enough with the training that they have received. This result shows that 43.6% of the respondents lack the confidence to perform their daily job efficiently. 

What Do You Need to Infer From This Report As a SAP Professional

The findings of this report are to derive insights on the challenges faced by business with their SAP implementation and also when it comes to hiring SAP professionals. This report shall help you devise a path of your learning, to train and refresh your skills in SAP, which would serve you with a platform to apply for SAP jobs in the next level of your job role.

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