BFSI Industry Trends to Help You Simplify Your Job Search in 2015

As per India Skills Report 2015, conducted by Wheebox has the findings that Bank jobs are set to rise up to 25% in 2015 as compared to that in 2014. The report also mentions that, banking employers bent towards hiring diploma holders rather than hiring, degree, vocational and management graduates. Similarly, engineering graduates are also the sought after candidates for bank jobs. 60% of the fresh hires are expected to be general degree holders. 

A Quick Look On the Hiring Numbers in 2014 & 2015

Bank Jobs Trend  in 2014-2015 - CareerBuilderIndia

Top States For Banks Jobs

The report has in-depth analysis of the state-wise distribution of jobs and industries. As for Banking and Finance sector, Maharashtra was the leading geographic location in the last two years, however, the demand for banking professionals is expected to shift towards Delhi and the National Capital Region.

It is interesting to know that the National Capital and Financial Capital of the country are brimming with equally lucrative and promising banks jobs. However, states like Karnataka and Gujarat, who are known for their industrial reforms has developed positive sentiments in corporate and job seekers, as these reforms are likely to create more jobs in these two states. 

Desired Skills by Banks Jobs Employers

The report has a detailed account of desired skills by employers from various sectors. The skills are dependent on the profiles and the roles that a candidate has to perform in a sector. As for banking, integrity, values and result orientation is what is being deeply looked at when hiring for banks jobs.  With the constant developments in the economy and global markets, bank employers are considering those candidates who have learning agility, which allows a candidate to learn and un-learn constantly, throughout their stay in an organization, which further adds value to a business leading to revenue growth.

Where Should You Search For Bank Jobs

Earlier employers preferred hiring those candidates who came as internal referrals. However, the trend is shifting towards; job sites, social media channels, campus hires and human resources consultants. Comparing the percentage of preferred sourcing channels in the year of 2013 and 2014, job portals conquered the maximum percentage, 33.98%, and 20.35% respectively in 2013 and 2014.

The percentage of job sites being a preferred sourcing channel is the highest among other channels, which include; internal referrals, campus hires, consultants and  social media. This shows that your banks jobs search, when conducted through a job site, will return positive results. 

Growing economy and industrial reforms will definitely create an impact on the banking industry. The BFSI sector is expected to witness high volume in business from retail as well as corporate customers, paving way for banking professionals to earn a level up in their role and allowing freshers to jump the bandwagon of bank jobs.

So, keep the above pointers in mind, target your job search to the locations where the demand for banking professionals is maximum. These pointers will not only simplify your banks jobs search but will also help you to align your job search with the prevailing trends.