5 Things Leaders Do To Fail Their Employees Expectation


Managing people is a tough job and hence often one of the most neglected one. Creating a good organizational culture is a two-way street and requires complete participation of both employee & the leadership.

Have you ever thought that it might be the bosses who are falling short of their employee expectation and thus forcing a negative vibe within the work environment?

Well, it’s not just the employees, sometime shortsightedness of a leader also hampers organizational culture. It is the key responsibility of every leader to remember their core responsibility towards most important organizational asset – its people.

Take a look at 5 big mistakes that you should stop making as a leader right away:

Mistake No. 1: Do your employees know what is expected of them?

Failing to clearly state expectation is one of the biggest mistakes you must be making as an employer or boss. Employees must be aware of the goals, deadlines and work that they are responsible for from day 1. Failing to provide such critical information make it harder for employees to foster productive work relationship with their superiors and boasts a culture of ‘blame game’ within the organization.

Mistake No. 2: Do you keep a regular check on your employees?

Forgetting to do timely check-ins with your employees does not leave a positive expression of your team members. One on one meetings with your employees should be conducted at least twice a month and as a manager, you must be aware of the problems, progress, and expectation of your team. Failing to do so creates a culture of uncertainty and a culture of poor communication within the organization. Never fail to assist, guide and listen to your employees if you wish to create a positive organizational culture.

Mistake No. 3: Do you forget to ask your employees about weekends/fun stuff?

All work no play create a monotonous routine and a lousy work culture. Don’t forget employees to ask about their weekends or the fun that they are having. Failing to do so creates a non-engaging work culture that interests none.

Mistake No. 4: Do you thank your employees for their hard work and time?

Did you know? Only 21% of the employees feel truly valued at their workplace. Failing to ‘Thank You’ or appreciate employees creates a negative work ecosystem. Appreciation and recognition are one of the best motivators that you could provide your team members. Don’t create a culture of under appreciation by failing to appreciate good work.

Mistake No. 5: Do you ask your employees what they want to accomplish?

Don’t ever forget that you are dealing with people, not machines. People have dreams, goals and as a leader, it is your duty to connect with the dreams/goal to every employee. Reach out to your employees with full potential. Once aware of what employees expect of their professional career (within or outside the current workplace) helps leaders incorporate their dreams for business success.

However, there is nothing in this world that cannot be fixed. Go, schedule a weekly meeting with your team right away. Ask them about the fun that they are doing, listen to their concerns and provide a solution if necessary. Don’t think twice to ‘Thank You’ and acknowledge a great job. The end result will be a happier, productive employee and an engaging organizational culture.

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