5 Common Misconceptions about Accounts Jobs

Accounting is often seen as one of the oldest professions. Regardless of the type and size, every company needs an efficient accounts department which can take care of all the company’s finances. Accounting, as a profession has wide career scope coupled with excellent career progression opportunities.


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So you are a fresher looking for an accountant job? Here, we will discuss some of the most common misconceptions about the accountant fresher jobs.

Misconception 1: Accountants can only have accounting jobs

This is not true. Anyone who has worked within finance and accounting organization knows accountants can easily go for role shifts owing to the inter-disciplinary skills possessed by them. Suppose you decide to make a transition from an accountant to finance analyst, it is recommended that you change internally before trying to change the company.

Misconception 2: There is less money in accounting field

This is simply not true. Just digest this, recently the ICAI has placed three of its candidates at a record salary close to Rs. 70 lakh with Singapore based Olam International! This is simply great news. You may start out as lower level book keeper or accounting clerks who generally earns somewhere around Rs. 183,989 per annum, after gaining relevant skills and experience you get ample opportunities to climb the success ladder.

Misconception 3: Accountants are not strategic thinkers

If you visualize a typical accountant, you are likely to see someone who spends all the day at a desk scouring through invoices and going over spreadsheets. In reality, the accountant profession has evolved drastically from what it used to be a few years ago. In reality, businesses are now identifying accountants for their exceptional and ingenious contributions to an organizations success. Top level managers often consult accountants concerning what business practices and financial principles can contribute to organizations overall health.

Misconception 4: You have to be a math wizard

Contrary to common belief; accounting does not require you to solve complex mathematical problems. You don’t have to be a master at it. If you are capable of doing simple arithmetic equations (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) you would be able to pull off most of the math accounting work on a daily basis.

Misconception 5: Accounting is for men only

This is a horribly wrong notion among the masses, that accounting is only for men. Today, women not only have strong presence in account ting and auditing fields, but they have a huge majority. Currently, there are almost 50,000 women CA’s in India which amounts of to 22 percent of ICAI’s members.

There are ample fresher accountant jobs for an individual to strive for. However, it is important that you don’t lose your confidence and morale with the prevailing misconceptions about the accountant’s jobs. Stay positive and make your way ahead in this profession!

Tips for Accountants to Manage Time More Efficiently

Accounting is a profession which demands efficient utilization of work hours, otherwise, an accountant might find himself extending post work or occasionally on weekends. With effective time management an accountant can remain productive throughout the day and grow vertically in his or her profession, which is a result of better time management skills and higher productivity.

So here are a few tips that will help you enhance your productivity, remain efficient during the work hours which will further culminate to better job offers, with a fat paycheck and greater responsibilities.

1. Keep a track of your hours

Make a schedule for the entire week, along with maintaining the logs of every hour that you spend at work. This will help you identify your non-productive hours and shall also serve as a tool to know when are you actually whiling away time.

Conducting Meeting

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2. Schedule Meetings for the Least Productive Hours of the Day

Meetings can eat up a large chunk of your work-hours, as they might turn out to be unproductive and irrelevant, after hours of discussions. To help save some production hours, schedule meetings  during the least productive hours of the day, or keep a day fixed for no meetings.

3. Organize Your Workstation

Cluttered workstations or even unorganized data on your laptop might consume a chunk of your working hours to find a document or a file. Keep your workstation and system organized, so that you know where is what, without wasting time finding a document from a heap of unorganized clutter.


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4. Go Offline

When you don’t require Internet access to complete a task, switch off the connection. This way you will not be allured to check that e-mailer from an e-commerce company or tempted to go through your Facebook timeline. Web surfing has been reported to be the biggest source of wasting time at at work, ensure that you do disconnect yourself from the world while working.

5. Divide the tasks 

Don’t get stressed when you have large volume of work to be delivered in a short period of time. The idea here to, breakdown chunks of task and devise a timeline to complete each one of them in the stipulated timeline. This will make your job less daunting, dividing it into smaller pieces will make it simpler and less cumbersome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             6. Reward Yourself

Whenever you finish a particular task within the devised timeline, then reward yourself with a coffee break, a chocolate or whatever you like. This will help you keep yourself motivated making you more productive and focused.

7. Learn to Say No

You need to learn how to say no or turn down requests by your colleagues to help them with their task. Politely tell them that you need to finish a particular task and then you would get back to them, if you are not assigned any other task. Decide which tasks or activities are important for your with respect to your career goals. If you would try to please each one of them every-time, then you will loose on your productivity eventually.

So these are the tips that will keep you focused and productive throughout the day, without getting skewed from your daily objectives. And, you can follow these tips whenever you start afresh with accountant jobs in Bangalore, as starting from a clear slate would be a better idea rather than making a start from the middle of nowhere.